Have you ever asked, "Am I living and working to my fullest potential?" or "Am I living a life based on others expectations or the one I've created for myself with purpose and passion?"

Coaching provides a structure for stepping back and evaluating all areas of your life, work and your identity. Through the coaching relationship you can expect to achieve higher levels of performance and self-mastery. You will develop the resources to stretch out and expand your capabilities, creating for yourself an environment where life, work and relationships exist just the way you want them.

Professionalism, integrity and client focus are three of

our values. These values are evident in our coaching partnerships where we establish clear boundaries around confidentiality and evaluation of coaching outcomes. We also embody in our work the standards and ethics of the International Coach Federation, the professional body that seeks to preserve the integrity of coaching worldwide.

Our philosophy is that each person has all the resources they need within them. As coaches and change agents our expertise is in getting to the heart of things, helping you uncover and develop your inner resources to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Coaching Methodology
We use a psychologically validated coaching methodology based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-semantics. Founded by a cognitive psychologist, Neuro- Semantics refers to how we create meanings in our mind-body system. This is at the cutting edge of coaching technologies available today for running your own mind. It bridges the knowing-doing gap; what you know intellectually, you make happen in the world.

We also use the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), currently used by several major organisations around the globe; this is a self-assessment resource for performance solutions. SDI can help you gain insights into why people do what they do so that you are able to relate more effectively, with improved understanding of the way others may respond to and perhaps misunderstand your behaviour. Click here to view real world applications of the SDI.

URL http://www.personalstrengths.com/rwa.htm

Coaching programs are either freestyle - unstructured sessions) or structured 3 to 9 month programs.

Are you ready for coaching?
Would you like to be in charge of your life and work instead of it running you?

Do you employ high quality people who want to achieve peak performance at work, in their relationships and other areas of their lives?

Do you believe in making time now for learning and change instead of trusting it is going to magically happen somehow?

If you answered yes to any of the above or you would like us to help you assess your readiness, then we invite you to take the next step of booking a free introductory session with a Master Coach. During this session you will find out more about coaching and how to get what you want through coaching.


"I've learned that making a "living" is not the same as making a life."
Dr Maya Angelou.