Outplacement, Career Transition and Career Management Services.

Career change is often one of the most important transitions we'll make in our lives, whether we've had the decision made for us or we've proactively sought a role that's more aligned with our goals.

We help people to experience a thorough and personalized process for making career choices; one that explores the full range of professional and personal objectives, maximises their potential and relates to fulfilment in their chosen field.

We believe this is more effective than a "one size fits all" approach to career change as it also gives the person the ongoing resources for meeting life and career changes in the future.

Our highly experienced career coaches have guided hundreds of people through career programs using a blend of personal coaching and career coaching methodologies.

A Typical Program Outline
Developing a career and life map.
Identifying immediate and longer term career objectives.
Overcoming limiting beliefs and other roadblocks to career fulfillment.
Strategies to achieve the next role, including an effective communication
plan and resume
Marketing and presentation strategies that cultivate interest in you as an
outstanding candidate
Networking Skills Training

Interview Performance Coaching
Clients told us that our Interview Performance Coaching had a huge impact on the way they performed at interview and asked us to offer this as a stand alone service which we are now pleased to do.

Most people are not used to talking about themselves in the way they need to at interviews. Let's face it if you did that around your friends and family they'd suddenly make excuses to leave the room. Yet learning to talk about who you are, including past experience, achievements and career goals in a clear, factual, and positive manner sets you apart in the pool of candidates. This is where we love to apply our expertise; whether you are someone about to start interviewing or you are already in an interview process, we want you to perform at your very best.

As well as guiding you through a structured process that helps you anticipate, prepare and deliver an effective interview, you will receive the kind of laser-focused feedback that job interviewers rarely provide you but which is critical to your continued improvement.

Our past client assignments include:-
Helped executives secure their first CEO role
Delivered Career Outplacement Services for numerous organizations who have
re-sized their work force.
Helped executives move from the stress of redundancy to fulfillment and success
in their next role.
Developed career plans for short and long term career resilience.
Helped people through decisions to leave or stay an organization where there
was not a good fit or there was conflict.
Assimilation coaching for executives settling into new roles.